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Please include your email If you're interested in supporting this Petition by gathering peacefully with others at events in your area. We will NOT SELL or SHARE your email with ANYONE or ANY OTHER GROUP...other than we may send it to others in your area who've also signed the Petition. That way, you and they can organize various events supporting it. Here are a couple of examples.
  • A) If you read the Yes, You Can Help! page, it shows almost 200 American towns and cities that have declared a Climate Emergency. You and others in your area may want to persuade them to officially support the Petition, while also letting residents and other city councils about the Petition.
  • B) And/or you may want to host Sustainable Saturdays regularly each month, say in a local park, to gather more signatures, publicize the Petition etc. By all means, feel free though to invite other like-minded groups willing to endorse the Petition and join these events. This applies as well if you live outside the U.S. Bottom Line: If We, the People Lead, Our Leaders will Follow!
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